5 Types of Content Marketing That Engage and Hook People

Content marketing is a powerful way to sell, provided you know how to properly wield it.

content-marketingEngage potential customers with blog entries and web content that illuminate, inform, and enthrall.

Identifying content that readers crave can help you expertly tailor your content marketing campaign to drive sales and pull visitors to return to your site.

John Jantsch, marketing consultant and author of “[simpleazon-link asin=”1591844878″ locale=”us”]The Commitment Engine: Making Work Worth It[/simpleazon-link],” has wisely categorized the types of content that the online community likes to read.

Here are the five types of web copy that collectively make a difference in any online marketing drive.

  1. Trust-building content

    Trust building content enhances your credibility and establishes you as an expert in your industry or niche.

    Trust-building content includes traditional “how to” articles, customer reviews, testimonials and endorsements from your satisfied customers, articles in third-party publications that mention you and your company in a favorable light, and articles you have published.

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  1. Educational content

    This includes eBooks that showcase your best writing, newsletters, seminars, FAQs, and compelling survey results.

    Many readers are drawn to educational content because people want free, relevant information at their fingertips. Your site must be a repository of this type of writing, so people return to your site.

  1. Community-made content

    Community web content fosters a sense of community and builds customer loyalty. Community-made content includes automatic referrals, reviews, and testimonials.

    Guest blog posts and video success stories are also part of this category. This can also be what makes something go completely viral. For more on this, read the new and very compelling title, “[simpleazon-link asin=”1451686579″ locale=”us”]Contagious: Why Things Catch On[/simpleazon-link]”.

  1. Filtered content

    Posting filtered content does a great service to your customers. Selectively publishing custom RSS feeds, curating, and sharing relevant content in social media are ways to generate filtered content.

    This type of content is already pre-written and easy to generate, so make sure that you have some form of filtered content available on your site.

  1. Conversion content

    This is the most important and often overlooked type of web copy. If done well, this is the type of content that has the ability to convert visitors into paying customers.

    Examples of conversion content that make convincing calls to action are live events (or in-person events) that show how great your product or service looks in real life, case studies that quantify the success of your customers and clients, ROI calculators, and documented results that can be readily understood and verified by your readers.

Present a balanced mix of these types of content on your site. It will make a difference in your online marketing campaign.

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