6 Powerful Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

A Small Business Can Do Big Things

Marketing Strategies for Small Business

A small business is not limited by a board of directors. It’s not distracted either by multiple things, like market dominance, new competitors, and significant risks in an international market.

It just has to focus on development and growth. It can even generate more results than any big brand — with the right strategies.

Because word-of-mouth might not be enough, here are just six powerful marketing strategies for small business owners, like you, to use.

1. Participate in the community — that is, the social community.

Social media marketing is one of the more economical marketing strategies with the potential to generate huge results. After all, this is the new and improved “word-of-mouth” approach.

Join in on weekly hashtags that may relate to your business, like #ThrowbackThursday. Start conversations that will spark engagement. Use videos and images to share what your company is up to these days.

2. Stay in touch with your customers and create weekly emails.

Email, according to a recent survey of small businesses, ranks third as an effective marketing tactic. But it has to be done right to generate the kind of results you need.

You want to pay attention to whom you send it to, what you send, and how you send it. This will entail gathering data on email subscribers and what they frequently respond to in emails. And you should automate your process for efficiency.

3. Develop multi-media content.

How do you get Web users to explore and stay longer on your website, social media pages, and blogs? Develop engaging content that includes photos, videos, audio, and infographics.

With high quality content, your online presence is bound to grow, and your business right along with it.

4. Use multi-media when coming up with contests.

Contests are great for getting interest and participation. By using multi-media for your contests, you not only get more engagement but also gain user-generated content.

Try a video contest highlighting a feature of your product. Do a fun photo contest. Or get your followers to create a caption for an image.

5. Give it away.

By “it” we mean cool stuff that might remind consumers of your small business and samples that let them know why they need to have your product. This works especially if you’re in the food business.

Giving away samples of what you’ve created in your kitchen can create enormous results, at trade fairs, weekend markets, and other industry events.

6. Talk about what you know and what’s interesting.

Do a podcast. It’s a great way to let your market know what you can bring to the industry. You can share your insights and build a reputation for being an authority on a subject. You can do interviews of other small businesses and help out the industry. Or you can simply do a show about helping consumers on varying concerns — ones that relate to your business.

Your small business has big potential. You can harness this potential by getting creative, smart, passionate, and by applying the above mentioned marketing strategies.