7 Smart Tips for Better Content Marketing

The Web can easily turn just about anyone into a publisher, leading many people to publish junk and heavily SEOd gibberish. Do not fall for that if you want to earn regular site visitors who can be transformed into paying customers.

smart-marketing-tipsContent marketing is not just about distributing content while hoping against hope the said content resonates among online users.

You want your content to resonate hard enough to be shared across the various social networks.


Add a little kick to your content so potential customers come back to your site, expecting more of the type of content they crave.

Here are 7 proven tips to give your content marketing campaign an edge to boost your sales.

1. Nix the hard sales pitch. This may sound counter intuitive when the main reason you generate content is to promote your products. If your calls to action only happen occasionally and you focus more on offering helpful content, consumers will gravitate to your site and look at your company more favorably. Frequent sales pitches can be off-putting. Stick to a more nuanced approach.

2. Always create multimedia content. Your content type has to espouse variety—videos, pictures, or plain text. Employing multimedia content ensures a well-rounded consumer experience.

3. Hire a professional web designer. Great visual orientation coupled with optimum screen resolution captures the eye, telling your customers than you know exactly what you are doing.

4. If you run out of topics, list questions and feedback from your clients and customers then turn those topics into articles or blog entries. Make the question the title of your post. Your customers will appreciate your effort to address their queries.

rssblogclean_250X2505. Make your content shareable across all social networking channels. Don’t make it difficult for your customers to share your content. Include share buttons on every blog post, email, or site entry.

6. Curate content from other sources. Choose relevant RSS feeds and provide them to your customers. Be selective. Deliver only the ones that echo your company’s values and present great value to your site’s visitors.

7. Be consistent and have a regular schedule for posting content. This may be tough to accomplish without regurgitating tired topics for the sole purpose of meeting your posting deadline.

A viable option is to outsource the writing tasks. Contractors can agree on a specified budget, topic, word count, and deadline. With the requirement for engaging content already out of the way, you can then spend the rest of your time running your business.

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