Choosing The Right Search Engine Optimization Stonnington Strategy

Your Website Is a Drop in the Ocean

If you have undertaken research on search engine optimization strategies for your Stonnington business website, you may have heard about two different approaches: ethical SEO strategies (also known as ‘white hat’ SEO) and unethical SEO strategies, aka ‘black hat‘.

You may have even read about how somewhat dubious search engine strategies promise to propel your business ahead in the online world – but we know otherwise.

Quick Cash Or Long Term Success?

If you’re going for that quick cash grab, then less than favourable SEO strategies might work wonders for you – short term. You’ll rank higher a whole lot faster than if you were to use Google approved SEO strategies, so people will see you sooner and you’ll come out ahead of the competition.

Or not.

Such promises of success are why a lot of businesses resort to bad SEO tactics. They fail to realize that, even within 48 hours, their whole online presence might be demoted by the search engines (‘slapped’) – permanently. These comes about when the search engines, notably Google, detect that there is manipulation occurring. In worst-case scenarios Google will likely not just penalize your website, but it may ban your ISP all together.

High Content Value Or Spam?

White hat SEO is all about delivering quality content that your visitors, leads, and customers will actually find valuable and enjoy reading.

It’s not about keyword stuffing or cloaking or any hidden text and shifty linking tricks and techniques.

The content that a white hat search engine optimization Stonnington firm produces is of high value, which will go a long way in ensuring that your website shows up on search engine results pages (SERPs). Not only that, but you’ll establish yourself as an authority in the process, showing strong leadership that will nurture leads and customers, and convert customers into brand loyalists.

As you’ve likely figured, sites that use unethical SEO practices contain content that is poorly worded, keyword stuffed, grammatically incorrect and rarely relevant or unique.

The Bottom Line

Tricky SEO practices may have worked in 2009, but search engines and Internet users have come a long way since then and demand quality sites and quality content.

The online world is only going to grow more competitive, so what every business really needs to turn their focus towards are these two things:

  1. driving targeted traffic to their website with quality and relevant content, and
  2. regularly creating and adding new content to websites, building authority and trust.

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