Content Marketing For Stonnington Small Businesses

components-of-content-marketing-stonningtonngThese days people are using their laptop computers, desktop units, and handheld devices to deliver them the information they need, immediately.

Regardless of whether they are looking for a plumber, restaurant, chiropractor, driving school or lawyers – they are looking online.

They are doing price/warranty/service comparison before making the decision to visit a shop or practice, pick up the phone, or send an email.

Getting your business name or website to appear in the Google results for the terms consumers are entering can increase your chances of making a sale, whether online or offline. Content marketing Stonnington-focused comprises a multi-faced solution for building trust among potential customers and ranking in search engines. Every business, regardless of its size and industry, needs to include content marketing strategies to boost its online presence.

What is Content Marketing?

Online content includes articles, reports, white papers, videos, blogs and social media updates. These types of content must be promotion-free and provide helpful information that people will want to share in their social networks. Content marketing is not sales copywriting.

As a strategy, it must focus on delivering useful information, in a consistent manner in order to capture and maintain the attention of a target audience.


Basic steps in content marketing

  1. Examine where you need content marketing: View your sales process and identify the hurdles your target customer must overcome before buying your product or engaging your services. These crossroads deal with certain questions that you can indirectly answer in articles, videos or podcasts.
  2. Create a content marketing plan: Determine the topics that your audience are searching for and how best to deliver the desired content. Set a timetable for publishing and distributing content, ideally synchronised with upcoming promotions or ad campaigns.
  3. Activate a content creation team: Gather materials for content creation and form a group who can turn source materials into creative and high quality content. You’ll need a writer, editor, designer, photographer and technical support who may be in-house or outsourced help.
  4. Integrate social media: Create different social media accounts for your business or brand and add the corresponding social sharing buttons where your content appears in order to help increase your reader or audience base.
  5. Convert audience to customers: After building trust and demonstrating your expertise in a niche to your audience, it’s now time to turn your prospects into customers by adding compelling calls to action and creating landing pages where sales can take place.

Effective content marketing for Stonnington small businesses requires time and consistent effort to develop original, creative and helpful content. This will not only to establish an online reputation for you or your business but also to rank well in search engines.

Quality counts when developing content as Google is known to weed out web pages that deliver duplicate and spun content which doesn’t make sense to its readers.

You can certainly, with the right knowledge and tools, create your own online content yourself, but when it comes to content marketing for Stonnington small businesses that is focused and relevant, we have content marketing specialists on our team who can help.

We’d love to discuss this with you further, and can be Contacted Here.