Content Marketing Stonnington: A Focus On Sharing

One of the best ways a small business can build its brand is by information sharing – on its own website and on third party sites. If you have a small business in the Stonnington area, content marketing could be just what you need to reach more potential customers or clients.


While many businesses are creating Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles and Twitter and Pinterest accounts (which they use for quick product or service updates) others are going a step further and publishing interesting and entertaining information which can help spread their business further.


Using Different Types of Content is Essential

A traditional way of utilising content marketing is by adding regular written content to your websites, perhaps in a News or Blog section, but it’s becoming very popular now to produce content rich videos. Some business owners like to stick to one type of content (the one they’re most comfortable with), but others find that their marketing efforts are more successful if they integrate several different types of content.

This makes a lot of sense, as some people prefer to read content, while others would rather view videos or graphics. What one person finds a boring way of receiving information, is the preferred method to another!


Regular Production of New Content Builds Your Brand

For this reason, its important not to overlook written information, as many companies do these days (due to the erroneous belief that everyone prefers video). Ideally, a smart business owner will ensure they use long pieces of written information, shorter articles, videos, case studies and images. This way, more people are likely to be drawn to the business’s website, simply because it gives them different options for obtaining information.


Providing Interesting and Entertaining Information Hooks Visitors

Its important to understand that with content marketing not all of it should be about overt business promotion. Of course it’s important to promote a business and its products or services, but it’s more important to build a relationship with your customers or clients by delivering them content that will engage them.

For example, a hair salon may wish to promote the services they offer, which is fine, but if they also publish information about:

  • caring for hair
  • the latest hairstyles trends, and
  • quirky celebrity hairstyles

then they may attract more regular site visitors, who will more likely to visit the salon in the future.

Not only that, but their rankings with the search engines will improve with each new piece of content. This is particularly so if your are targetting a geographic location, i.e. your local area. Content marketing Stonnington focussed, for example will attract more local customers than content that does not relate to the Stonnington area.

Your business can be promoted through content marketing that provides interesting or entertaining information related to your field. Content that helps educate your customers or prospects, will keep your business top-of-mind when they’re looking for your product or service.