How To Find The Right Marketing Expert for Your Small Business

Have You Considered Hiring A Professional?Businesses all over the globe use the internet to reach their customers.While utilizing an online platform can help a business to grow, having a marketing expert on your side can really help a company thrive.You may be surprised to find that many successful small businesses rely on the expertise of a strategic marketing consultant.How do you spot the best expert for your … [Read more...]

How To Use Video As A Marketing Strategy

Video sites, like YouTube, have become so popular that many large companies are spending more on their viral video creation then they are on direct marketing. This fundamental change in big business has incredible implications for the rest of us. If you are a business owner, or a salesperson, or involved at all in any type of marketing, it is requisite that you involve yourself in video marketing. The opportunity … [Read more...]

Health Care Practice SEO and Remarketing Services

Although your practice is the lifeblood of your business, marketing is the driver and hardworking heart that keeps it moving. Medicine is a competitive arena, and your online presence will make or break your ability to maintain clientele. More patients than ever are using social media and search engines to locate and evaluate medical services, and those who harness online related strategies will leave the … [Read more...]

Small Business Marketing for Hair Salons: Solutions that Work

Competition for small businesses can be very fierce, especially for Hair Salons and Beauty Therapists. This is particularly the case in most modern city areas - including the greater Melbourne area, where there are many salons, all vying for the same customers. Competition is at its greatest in challenging economic times, when most people are trying to save money by reducing the frequency of non-essentials … [Read more...]

The Internet and Small Business Marketing for Lawyers

The practice of law may not be considered an ‘online business’ but these days lawyers do need an effective and ethical method of growing their client base online. It is where their potential clients are looking for them. Legal professional fees are the lifeblood of solo practitioners and small law firms. Lawyers need to invest in the marketing of their services online in subtle ways – such as content marketing, … [Read more...]

What is a Press Release? Understanding the Benefits of This Marketing Tool for Your Business

In today's increasingly connected world, entrepreneurs and marketers spend a lot of time talking about social media strategies, viral Internet marketing campaigns and the effectiveness of mobile advertising. Though these techniques get results, they are also complex, costly and designed for long-term success. On the other hand, a seemingly simple marketing technique like writing and releasing a press release is an … [Read more...]

3 Quick Tips On How To Leverage Small Business Online

The Internet is a wonderful place for those with a small business to broaden their reach in ways that was unimaginable a decade ago. Not only do you have access to billions of people worldwide, but it’s a fairly inexpensive and low risk method of getting your products and services known, with the potential of a large return. But if you’ve dabbled with DIY online marketing or have attempted to operate a business … [Read more...]