7 Smart Tips for Better Content Marketing

The Web can easily turn just about anyone into a publisher, leading many people to publish junk and heavily SEOd gibberish. Do not fall for that if you want to earn regular site visitors who can be transformed into paying customers. Content marketing is not just about distributing content while hoping against hope the said content resonates among online users. You want your content to resonate hard enough to be … [Read more...]

How Easy Shall We Make It?

People are always asking questions like, 'But does it really work?'; 'How much did you make?'; 'I understand the internet thing but I don't understand how you can make money from it?' Let's just say it involves a lot of work. But you'd be foolish to think it otherwise. Still, the rewards are there. And I don't mean simply money. You can learn how to build a business, and solve problems for people - your niche - … [Read more...]