How to Get More Traffic to Your Website – 5 Things You Can Do Now

Five Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website In order to remain competitive and relevant in today's market landscape, businesses should have one vital tool: a website. Your business website can perform multiple roles, including providing customers vital information about your business and its products or services and even selling these online. But no matter how powerful your website is, your work does not end … [Read more...]

Educate and Engage Your Clients With Yoga Videos Online

With the increasing awareness and interest today on the benefits of yoga, trainers and studios focusing on yoga can expect more growth and demand for their business now compared to the past several years. But, while the high number of yoga businesses provides energy and growth for the practice, it has also made the competition tougher for those wanting to carve out a name in the industry. If you want your yoga … [Read more...]

The Future is Online Strategic Business: The Future Is Now

On the cover of a recent BRW Magazine, Australia's number one business rag, is the title, "The Future Is Digital". Guess what, the future is already here! While the reference pertains to the future of the magazine it ALSO refers to the obvious trend towards online strategic business development. And yet, there are many businesses and professional practices that have not even begun to embrace this empowering … [Read more...]

Easy And Economical Local Business Marketing Ideas You Should Tap Into

  For Successful Local Business Marketing: Know Your USP Local businesses tend to have the usual small town thinking when it comes to marketing; they rely on word of mouth and the loyalty of the community. But in this day and age, it’s imperative even for small operations to use online technology to secure an advantage in their industry. I highly recommend you check out Jay Abraham's, [simpleazon-link … [Read more...]

How To Use Video As A Marketing Strategy

Video sites, like YouTube, have become so popular that many large companies are spending more on their viral video creation then they are on direct marketing. This fundamental change in big business has incredible implications for the rest of us. If you are a business owner, or a salesperson, or involved at all in any type of marketing, it is requisite that you involve yourself in video marketing. The opportunity … [Read more...]