Health Care Practice SEO and Remarketing Services

Medical Health Care Practice SEO and Remarketing Services

Although your practice is the lifeblood of your business, marketing is the driver and hardworking heart that keeps it moving.

Medicine is a competitive arena, and your online presence will make or break your ability to maintain clientele.

More patients than ever are using social media and search engines to locate and evaluate medical services, and those who harness online related strategies will leave the competition in the dust!

As a busy practitioner, you have enough work to do, and it’s essential to delegate what you can. That’s where a high-quality, cutting-edge marketing strategy and platform can save you time and headaches, while generating new patients as if automatically.

Marketing today is about making your content attractive, meaningful, and easy to find. The rules of this road constantly change, but you needn’t worry — there’s no need to take on an additional and ongoing workload!

I develop targeted and focused marketing strategies according to your need and intended outcomes including:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your content, links, and searchability, resulting in extending your authority reach and discoverability online.
  • Ethical, relevant ads and interactive reputation-building, engaging web surfers with sharable content (which in turn boosts your SEO) and turning them into leads — then patients!
  • Remarketing/retargeting advertisement: efficient geo-specific targeting in CITY snares initial interest, and then those surfers who check out your site or content are targeted further, to increase the frequency with which they see your ads and name.
  • Followup campaigns, such as autoresponder email campaigns and other client retention strategies, to encourage patient loyalty and referral rates.

These are just a handful of the benefits of a well-rounded online marketing campaign.

Done by one person unassisted, this could consume countless hours that should be better spent on your practice, and essentially requires learning a whole new area of study.

I can help you build and manage a lead generation and client acquisition marketing strategy.  These strategies will rocket your practice to the next level of less-stress success!

Contact Scott and learn more about how a smart marketing strategy will help you increase your customer base now!

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