How To Get And Retain More Customers

How To Generate Leads Online

As a business owner who understands just how important it is to get online, it is important too, to understand how important it is to be seen online.

Sadly, all too many companies buy a domain, create a website, but then do nothing to keep it from getting buried beneath the hundreds of other websites that Google, Yahoo! or Bing will deliver in the search results when people are searching for what you have to offer.

If you’re tired of being drowned out by the competition OR if you’re tired of not being able to hold the interest of a dedicated and growing readership OR if you’re sick of lagging conversions rates: then here are some top tips for you.

Let's start with one of the most basic, but most overlooked, elements for maintaining and growing your leads and customer base:

Create A Site That’s Easy To Navigate

If you want to generate those leads, then you need a site that’s user-oriented and that’s completely user friendly.

This means:

  • Having great search functions on your website so that users can find what they want almost instantly
  • Placing a clear CTA (call to action) above the fold of your website
  • Increasing your load time (Amazon found that even as small as a 100 millisecond increase in their page load times led to a 1% decrease in sales – which for them is thousands if not millions of dollars!)
  • Having a site that’s mobile-friendly (this means creating a separate mobile site for your existing website, or creating a site through “Responsive Web Design”).

Invest in a good quality CMS (content management system) that will make keeping your site up to date and full of fresh content and media a breeze. 

Speaking of media…

Diversify Your Media

Written Content is vital in engaging your site visitors, and gaining their trust. It establishes you as an authority, a thought leader in your industry, and it’s great for SEO (search engine optimization). But not everyone is a reader, so it's important to cater to those individuals and offer different kinds of media.

Videos are an easy way to diversify the type of media you present. You don’t need any fancy equipment or a high end video camera to create high production value. A quality web cam and some good lighting is enough to deliver your message.

Upload your videos to YouTube, share them on your company’s social media accounts, and post them to your blog – BE SEEN.

Infographics and images are great way to communicate complex ideas in an easy-to-understand way.

Better yet, using this kind of media is an effective way of getting your otherwise non-visually engaging content on visual-based social media sites, like Pinterest.

Creating Compelling Content

Even the most seemingly dull industries can come up with content that people want to read.

The knack here is to stop focusing your content on your company, your product or your services, and instead focus on things like customer ‘pain points’ and other topics that interest them.

Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when creating compelling content:

  • Be helpful and create educational content (“How-Tos” and lists are always a big hit)
  • Be specific when creating content (For the most part, try to avoid creating broad or generalized content and focus on specifics)
  • Be humorous – but keep it lighthearted and fun
  • Be human (Nothing’s a bigger turn off than reading a piece of content that sounds like it’s been written by a robot)

You can also run your own polls and share the results with your readership (as well as gain some valuable marketing insight!). Or you can interview interesting people within your industry.

Have Something Of Value

Last but not least, if you want to gain leads and customers, then you must:

a) Have information that they find valuable; and

b) Tell them about it

This goes all the way up to the products or services you’re offering, right down to a blog that you maintain on your site.

You want to always be providing something of value to your ‘ideal customer’.

This means having a product that really is the answer to your niche’s problem. It means, for example, creating white papers or short reports that outline how someone can best uses your product. If you regularly share relevant information, then customer engagement will grow, especially if you:

  • Choose the best keywords and phrases for your specific company (based on local and regional search results, such as Stonnington search results as well as international)
  • Make your site worth linking to (backlinks are a great way to skyrocket in the Google or Bing SERPs!)
  • Continually add new content (Updating your site once a day will go a long way in terms of making your site more visible)
  • Publish and distribute press releases on new products, services, company events, etc.

To discuss how I can help with your overall online marketing strategy, including the creation of quality content, contact Scott and leave your message here.

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