Is Directory Submission Still Useful for SEO?

Website Owners Can Still Benefit from Submitting Their Site To a Directory

social-bookmarkingDirectory submission is a PR technique developed during the 1990’s which aimed at providing backlinks to websites, thus creating traffic. It also made it easier for search engines to find these websites.

Today this technique has lost much of its value, especially due to the vast amount of directories that have been created and the changes that have taken place in the way search engines operate.

However, if this technique is used in combination with other SEO tools, website owners can still benefit from submitting their site to a directory. Social Bookmarking can also have dramatic benefits.

Directory submissions can be either free or paid and fees seem to have risen dramatically over the past years. If you are new to SEO, you might want to start by submitting your website at a free directory where you have nothing to lose. Still, you should not expect much, as most free directories are crowded with low quality websites.

More often than not, only the main page of the directory gets indexed to major search engines, with the rest of the pages being practically invisible to them. This means that the directory will not be able to direct traffic to your website unless someone manually finds your business on the directory and clicks on the link, which is highly unlikely.

Paid directories can be better options since the fee keeps some of the junk out of these directories. Your best option is to go for a directory where submissions are manually accepted instead of mechanically processed. This increases the chances that the content accepted into the directory is of decent quality.

You should check whether the directory is indexed to search engines before deciding to pay the required fee, otherwise you may end up paying for nothing. If you own a business, it might also be a good idea to submit your website to a local directory. Any location-specific search that is related to your business will include your website in its results, thus providing you with potential customers.

Niche directories are among the best options that directory submission has to offer. When submitted to a niche directory, your website will be associated with that niche and appear during relevant searches.

Another benefit of being listed among other relevant businesses is that your website will be easier to find when someone is manually searching for your area of expertise within the directory. The downside is that fees for decent niche directories that can generate traffic to your website are set relatively high.

Directory submission must be used as a part of a more complete PR plan in order to work, and you definitely cannot rely solely upon that for your website’s reputation.

You must also be careful when choosing the directories that you will submit your webpage to. A bad quality directory can prove to be more harmful than helpful. Do some proper research before deciding so that you can get the most out of this technique.

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