The Finer Points Of Law Firm Internet Marketing That Get Results


How do law firms get the coveted rainmaker? In reality, no one business can survive merely on the efforts of a lone man or woman who can bring in as many clients and money into the firm.

Law firms need to have multiple sources of income if they hope to be a successful practice. In today’s business landscape, multiple opportunities for income may be delivered by Internet marketing.

Big Law and the Internet

When someone says “big law,” it generally means the crème de la crème of law firms, the most successful and most sought-after practices by law school grads.

However, in recent years, the biggest law firms, whether corporate or consumer, have experienced big changes, from massive layoffs to plummeting financial performances. The overwhelming changes in business may be credited to the seeming unwillingness or recognition of some law firms to adjust investment options to how most small law firms are marketing their businesses today. That adjustment has a lot to do with exploring technology.

Law firm Internet marketing has become an indispensable strategy in drumming up more clients, and therefore, more business. With the immense power the Internet holds in reaching billions of people on any given day, practically every business needs to have a website and establish Web presence.

Law firms, big and small, aren’t immune to such changes in the market. Of course, Internet marketing isn’t just about the law firm having a well developed website that’s designed and written specifically for the kind of clients it wants and the kind of practice it has established (i.e., injury law firm or family law firm).

The Art of SEO and Using Videos

Because trust and credibility are at the core of every good law firm, Internet marketing practices have to also reflect both characteristics. Moreover, with search engines refining their process and technology to remove irrelevant and disruptive information on the Web, law firms that hire Web marketing strategists need to know that their campaigns and online content comply with current SEO (search engine optimization) best practices as well as trends.

Web marketing campaigns and content should not be limited to just articles, white papers, blog posts, and any other written format. Law firms are now also recognizing the compelling success that online videos can produce. Through videos, lawyers or solicitors can communicate and reach out to potential clients better because visual content can keep visitors on the law firm’s website longer, which can improve conversion, and they put a friendly, approachable face to the suits in the firm.

Videos can be in the form of a Q&A with the firm’s top litigator, a quick news item, or an informative and engaging talk on new laws. 

The old practice of getting clients through referrals or news items of successfully argued cases are still viable. But law firms need to also adapt to the changing business landscape and add Internet marketing to their rainmaking strategies.

By utilizing the wide reach and undeniable influence of the Internet, law firms can expect to consistently get clients.