Simple Questions That Can Spark Brilliant Marketing Ideas For Small Business


Take a cue from the biggest and youngest brands today that started small and see how they used ground-breaking campaigns to build their business.

They used vastly different ways to attain success, but they had at least one very critical thing in common:

  • They veered away from the traditional ways of marketing, and instead, they used search engine optimization.
  • They implemented split testing for their products.
  • They established solid content marketing strategies.
  • They made sure to get to know their market well through the right market tracking and monitoring tools.
  • They didn’t spend huge amounts of money needed to purchase advertising spots in traditional channels.

Your start-up needs a kick-start by taking advantage of innovative, low-cost solutions that will help you market your product even as you are developing it.

What makes it even more exciting is that there’s no single, one size-fits all formula – everyone must create their own path, according to the unique needs and nature of their business.

To know which innovative marketing ideas for small business are best to apply for your specific requirements, you can start by asking simple questions that can help you build the framework for your marketing strategy. 

What’s the right website for my users?

There’s no need to impress visitors with a flashy website decked with all the mesmerizing effects.

What you need is a fast-loading, easy to navigate website with a purpose and function that’s clear to your target audience. To do this, you have to start from the very beginning; you have to approach website development with the potential customer in mind.

Work with a website design team who can help you come up with a look and features that offer the solutions and value that your audience is looking for.

How Can Customers Find Me Online?

There’s no use having the right website if your customers have no idea that you exist.

You need to be highly visible, and with the highly competitive online marketplace today, you need a high-quality search engine optimization and Internet marketing strategy to do this. Again, it depends on the profile of your target customers.

Some businesses will do well with social media channels and viral campaigns, while others find their growth through email lists, podcasts and video marketing. Find your own mix and make sure you deliver consistently.

What is my measurement for success?

Building your visibility and credibility online is far from a popularity contest. You may have millions of fans and followers; your website may get numerous visits and comment every day, but unless this level of fame translates to actual sales, you really cannot say that your strategy is effective according to a true business perspective.

Work with an online marketing team who will help you define – and accomplish – the measurable results you want to achieve.