Online Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Be Doing Today


You don’t exist without an online presence; that much is true for today’s businesses and even for professionals looking to boost their career.

While it’s not entirely smart to abandon traditional marketing methods like TV advertising or print press releases, existing data points to the critical importance of having and implementing digital marketing strategies to improve bottom lines.

Do you have a strong digital marketing strategy right now?

Combing Through the Trends

Here’s the thing about online digital marketing: What used to work then might not work for your business now.

For one, technology keeps developing and it does so at speeds and frequencies that make it difficult for most organizations to catch up. For another, search engines continue to refine their algorithms, leaving many search marketing methods practically irrelevant — or worse, outlawed.

So when considering existing online trends for your digital marketing, you need to consider your intended end goal thoughtfully and to determine which ones might still be effective in the future.

This is because there are Web marketing trends that might never, ever be irrelevant.

Some of these trends include: Web video and other visual-based marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing. All signs point to consumers preferring moving images as opposed to written content.

The influence of social media chatter continues to be a driving force for many brands to improve reach and recall. And with mobile phones becoming virtual mini-computers on the go, more and more consumers are shifting Web activities (e.g., email checks, shopping, and product and/or service search) from desktop to handheld devices. If your business has yet to use such sources to market, you may be missing out on lucrative opportunities.

Looking to the Future

Another key strategy to deploying successful Web marketing campaigns is to know what your competitor might not know about — yet. Being one step ahead of the competition in this digital age means discovering new technologies. Ones that could help you catapult your business from mere player to industry leader. Mega brands like Nike, Amazon, and Facebook are keen to spot emerging technology, and these brands are investing heavily.

Whether it’s using intuitive gadgets and software to provide meaningful experiences to consumers (which eventually convert to sales) or acquiring new technology to push your brand’s story to a wider audience, it pays to be aware of what will come next in the digital world.

As a final piece of advice, create and implement your Web marketing strategies on the basis of accurate and analysed data. Yes, the Web is an effective platform for marketing and advertising your business. But the campaigns you do will falter when no one sees them. So ensure viewability and know what drives consumer action by having access to data.