Online Marketing Solutions – Using Different Types Of Content For SEO


Online marketing is all the rage these days – it effectively targets brand awareness goals and turns traffic into profitable conversions. There are so many online marketing solutions available these days but what remains to be the most effective is search engine optimization or SEO.

For Internet-based businesses, it’s crucial that their presence is easy to find in the most commonly used search engines, preferably on the first page; SEO is the best way of achieving this goal and securing a competitive advantage. With carefully placed external links, different types of content can direct “searchers” to a business’s actual website. Sounds simple enough, right?

online-marketing-solutionsThere are different types of content to use for SEO and if they’re created thoughtfully, they remain relevant for a long time and are impervious to the frequent search engine updates.

Over the years, however, a lot has changed and search engines have become vigilant especially after finding out that many of the sites created for SEO do not offer relevant information and are just flooded with anchor texts.

They slapped these sites virtually out of existence and moved up the ones that are truly helpful to netizens. This caused quite a stir, but the important advantage to gain from this experience is that now you automatically get quality, informative content for the keywords you type in and you can easily narrow down your search.

This change elevated the standards of SEO because now, only quality content works, so SEO companies are exploring creative options of presenting information to their targeted demographic.

There are different types of content to use for SEO and if they’re created thoughtfully, they remain relevant for a long time and are impervious to the frequent search engine updates.

Here are 4 types of strategically useful types of content.

1.) The first one is written content; this is the most basic and it comes in the form of how-tos, tips, reviews, case studies and press releases that last a long time or are “evergreen.”

They have competitive keywords, the articles are posted on reliable publishing sites, and those sites have a high likelihood of being read. And if readers want to know more about the topic, they will click the keywords that directly link to information available on the business website.

2.) Another type of content that is very useful for SEO is the podcast. There are readers, and then there are “audio-inclined” folks; a podcast targets the second type of demographic.

But what’s particularly special about this is that it can be supported by a transcription and this can have those anchor texts again that those folks who want to learn more about the topic can click on and be led to a more informative or detailed Web page.

3.) A third type of strategically important content is the infographic. It can be shared exponentially as well especially through popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Internet users are mostly visually inclined people and original images posted on your website and social accounts will allow you to connect with new audiences, engage them and encourage them to “act” as you desire. Another great advantage of infographics is how they can be used for traditional marketing strategies like posters, brochures and such as well.

4.) A fourth SEO potent content type is video. If you produce a good quality video that has an important and relevant message, it can generate a lot of high-quality links for the business’s actual website.

You can use YouTube or DailyMotion which are also connected to other social media sharing sites.

Using these different types of content for SEO will not only help your site climb in search engine ranks, but it will also help you accurately target your other marketing goals. So if you want this marketing solution to work successfully for your business, think about content that’s the core value of SEO.