Painless Small Business Marketing for Chiropractors

Statistics show that the chiropractic industry in Australia has grown rapidly in recent years partly due to the ageing population and increased acceptance of alternative medicine and therapies. Many chiropractors operate as small businesses and their profitability greatly depends on strategies for effective small business marketing for chiropractors.

Digital marketing plan: Effective marketing starts with a well-designed plan which should include defining your practice goals, identifying your target client, studying the market and competition and stating your unique market advantage or skill that sets you apart from other chiropractors.

Keyword research: Studies show that a large percentage of chiropractic patients are older individuals seeking painless and chemical-free solutions to their health issues. They often use search engines to find chiropractic clinics in the community. Thus, knowing which search terms or phrases they normally type in search engines can drive large volumes of qualified visitors to your website.

Website: Unlike office spaces in upscale and commercial locations, a website is inexpensive and can be customised according to the image, vision and objectives of your chiropractic practice. It must contain essential information about your practice and clinic, a contact form for setting appointments online and collecting email addresses that may be used in newsletter marketing.

Web content: Your website must provide information about chiropractic techniques and how they can help address specific health issues and diseases. The information appearing in your website must be constantly updated to include new studies, case histories, trends and developments that can bolster chiropractic practice. Include sharing buttons that enable site visitors to easily recommend or share links to your website and a subscription form to keep them updated on the latest chiropractic news.

Social media: Create a business page in Facebook and link this to your website. Ask your website developer to integrate both website and Facebook so that new content published on your website is automatically announced as an update in Facebook. Create profiles on other social media sites where your target patients are most likely members.

Promote your website and social media properties by including their URLs in all your offline marketing materials such as letterheads, business cards, fliers and ads.

Small business marketing for chiropractors must be a continuing activity that requires commitment for practice growth. Chiropractors need specialised services for web design and development, content creation, email newsletter marketing and social media engagement. Expert internet marketing help is vital for chiropractic success and allows you to focus on treating patients.