MediaCurl Content Development

What? It doesn’t end with your website?


You probably need ongoing content development but haven’t thought of that yet?

Changes to search engine algorithms mean that the sites doing the best in generating traffic and maintaining rankings are those that continually add fresh and unique content to their sites – content that is of real value to their market.

Adding fresh content regularly to your site, perhaps in a Blog, Tips or News section, will not only help with search engine listing results but also build customer loyalty and establish your authority in your niche. It will give your ideal customers a reason to keep coming back to your business.

Most business owners start out with the best of intentions when it comes to adding new information to their site, but we find that because it is not their area of specialty, it gets relegated to the ‘too hard basket’.

Our content writing team can provide this content for you, and we have created several different monthly packages – there will be one to suit your budget. They may comprise a combination of:

  • Premium SEO articles – the foundation of your online marketing plan. They are well researched, uniquely written articles, relevant to your business, product and/or service. High quality, well written articles you can be proud to publish to your website.


  • Pillar articles – suitable to add to the blog or news section of your website. They are written to establish your authority in your market. Being articles of 800-1000 words they are written to engage your readers and keep your readers on your website and continually coming back for more information.


  • Online Press Releases – to broaden your online presence in a way that few other strategies can.

Make no mistake, adding ongoing content to your website is vital, and it should be included in your time management or budgeting plans.

For instance, consider how long it would take you to write 20 articles of about 400 words or 2 articles of 800 words – after you have decided what you should write about.

Calculate the costs in terms of hours away from your family or running your business, as well as in neglecting the maintenance of your site.

Contact Scott to discuss how he can design an ongoing content package for you.