Small Business Marketing for Lawyers in the Stonnington Region

Drive Thru LawyerWith the increase in people’s reliance on computer and mobile technology, and the changing economic environment, it’s becoming crucial for small businesses of all types to review how they market their business.

Small business marketing for lawyers has changed in recent years with less reliance on traditional print advertising, and more on online marketing. However, this does not come without effort and a content strategy.

It’s no longer enough simply to have a well designed website. Promotion using subtle search engine optimization, social media and even online advertising, is crucial when competing in today’s market.

Website Success Requires Search Engine Visibility

Lawyers in the Stonnington region will be aware of their competition, and the need for visibility. When a potential client searches for a lawyer, the vast majority of the time they’ll use the search engine on their computer or mobile phone. Invariably they will key in, for example, “solicitor Stonnington” and it’s often the first lawyer they find who offers the services they’re looking for that they’ll call.

What this means is that it’s important to ensure that the search engines will deliver your website in results for such terms.

A quality small business marketing consultancy like ours can help create a website that’s easy and simple to navigate and which can be viewed on mobile phones as well as computers. We know how to promote your site to create greater visibility in the search engines.

Social Media Marketing Should not be Overlooked

Social media also can’t be overlooked as a key component of small business marketing for lawyers. While sites such as Facebook may not seem to lend themselves to professional organizations, more and more are finding that they are a great way of targeting potential clients.

Many businesses link their websites to their social marketing pages, which is a great way of getting more people “liking” their page, establishing and maintaining authority within their niche.

Integrating the Website with Social Media

A law firm which promotes itself with useful legal articles on their website, can have excerpts of those articles posted to their Facebook page. This means that everyone who’s liked their Page will see the excerpts, and quite often visit their website for further information – particularly if it’s a legal topic that’s pertinent to their current needs.

It’s important to remember that all sorts of people use social media, not just teens and young adults. Advertising using social media can be very finely targeted to those in a particular geographic region, and even those in a particular age bracket, and can also work out to be quite inexpensive.

Lawyers in the Stonnington region who wish to implement up-to-the-minute small business marketing practices can start by enlisting the help of professionals. Taking advantage of the current simplicity of website creation and promotion is integral to any business’s long term success strategy.