The Smart Way To Build Your Mailing List Fast

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 business or a local business that’s always just around the corner, you need an online presence to get your business the attention it deserves.


Local businesses always tend to fall behind or fail because they’re always trying cheap or free scam techniques to build up their presence fast.

The worst mistake they make is wasting money on “get names fast” mailing list schemes.

It’s true. You do need a mailing list. It keeps visitors informed about what’s going on with your business. Its what takes you from obscurity to a recognized brand and service..

You can’t always rely upon visitors to check your website on a regular basis. Your message often gets lost on social networks, so email is still the way to go.

Email is personal and makes potential customers feel important. However, you’ve got to get them to sign up first. Luckily, there are a few legitimate ways to build your mailing list fast without wasting time or money.

Discounts and Freebies

It’s a no-brainer. As a local business, the best way to convert walk-in traffic into online traffic is through discounts and freebies. Think about restaurants. By giving members special discounts on meals, people are eager to add their email to the restaurant’s mailing list.

The same concept applies. Since you’re local, why not start local? On every receipt, list a link to your members only discount program. Give out cards detailing the benefits of joining. Before long, most of your customers will have signed up. They’ll in turn, share this program with their friends, further building your mailing list.

Article Marketing

Article marketing takes a bit more work, but its continuous advertising for your site and business. Submit relevant and compelling articles such as tutorials, product reviews and comparison guides to free article directories. Sites like GoArticles already have a good reputation with search engines, leading potential customers to your site faster than a blog alone.

Mailing List Building Tools


This is where most businesses fall flat. They eagerly reach for the first tool or ad that promises to give them thousands of new members for their mailing list. The vast majority of the emails are either fake or go to the wrong people who will view your messages as spam.

You need a tool that helps you build a targeted mailing list. Targeted means your messages are going out to the people who really want to read them, equaling a better conversion rate for you.

Tools such as Immediate List Building Pro not only help you build a legitimate list, but they help you do it fast. You’ll also receive detailed analytics to help you further improve your list building technique. Choosing the right tool is the biggest secret behind legitimate mailing list building.