Stonnington – Small Business Local Marketing Can Help You Grow

In what many are feeling to be a challenging economic environment, businesses in all areas are being impacted by increasing competition – locally, regionally and internationally online. In Stonnington, small business local marketing strategies that include a solid online presence will help you to not just stay in the running, but to get ahead of your strongest competitors.

Many are put off by the perceived expense and challenge of setting up a website, but these days a professional website company can make the process smooth and easy – and it won’t break the bank! Many small businesses in the Stonnington region can really benefit from some simple online marketing that will boost their brand and get more people through the door.

Things to Consider

It’s important to be aware that when many people are searching for products or services these days, they are more likely to to shun the Yellow Pages and instead do an online search (on their computer or, increasingly, their mobile phone). It’s quick, it’s easy, and it gets them a result fast. However, what this means is that if your business doesn’t have an online presence, you’re being overlooked, time and time again, every day.

A Great Location is Not Everything

You may believe that having a great location is the key to your business’s success, but while location may help your physical visibility, it’s not everything.

A business with a website that’s easy to find online (i.e. a great ‘virtual’ location) may receive more customers and make more sales than one with a better storefront or position. Also, a business that conducts sales both online and in their store will have an added advantage in that customers don’t even need to get to the store to make their purchases.

A Website Can be Simple to Run and Use

Most websites nowadays are set up using software that makes it easy for the business owner to create their own updates and manage their site with very little assistance from their webmaster.

Many use content management software, such as WordPress, which is easy to maintain once its been set up. A website may also have shopping cart software incorporated, which is also easy for a business owner or employee to update and manage. Allowing users to buy your products online via a shopping cart will a whole new dimension to your business.

Getting Your Website to the Top

Of course, a website isn’t much use if no one can find it. To that end, it’s important to properly promote the site using subtle search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and social media.

Many businesses elect to have their own Facebook page and Twitter account which can be updated regularly -in fact they can be connected so you really only need to work on one of them. Others find social media to be, for them, a waste of time. One thing is sure though, when managed properly (on your behalf if necessary) it helps promote our business or brand, and keep them foremost in the minds of potential customers or clients.

Regardless of what type of small business you run, an online presence can be the difference between future success and failure to survive tough economic times. The right website and promotion can improve the bottom line of any business, no matter what type of products or services it sells.

For more information on how you can take the action needed to have small business local marketing working for you contact Scott Rogers .