Stonnington Small Business Local Marketing Tips

stonnington-small-business-marketingTo remain competitive, local shops and other bricks-and-mortar businesses need effective local marketing strategies that can drive Internet users to their doorsteps.

As consumers increasingly turn to the Internet in search of local businesses in the commercial district, whether in the city, or in the surrounding districts such as Richmond or the greater Stonnington area, a small business local marketing strategy needs to incorporate a combination of local Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Keyword research for geo specific terms:

Targeting local consumers requires a different approach to keyword research as locals tend to add a specific location to key phrases or terms. Using a keyword research tool, determine which geo specific terms are popular among Internet users in your locality and the exact word order that they use to find products and services.

Optimize website for local search:

Armed with geo-specific keywords, proceed with optimizing your website by incorporating the keywords in web page titles and meta descriptions which appear as snippets in search results.

Add local address and phone number in all pages:

Placing a local address and phone number (not as an image), in a side bar rather than the footer portion of all web pages, will send strong signals to Google and other search engines about the location of your business and increase its chances of obtaining top ranks in local search results.

Create location-specific web pages:

On your website pages, and most particularly on a blog attached to your site, include information that is very specific to your area. You might mention your support of particular organisations, comment on your sponsorship or participation in a local fun run or celebration, or a big breakthrough for your business. Have information of local interest, but ensure there is a connection in some way with your business.

Businesses with branches in different locations can point local searchers to their nearest store by creating a page for each store location in a particular city or state and directing Internet users to the appropriate local pages.

Embed a Google map in your website:

An interactive map makes it easy for potential clients to find your bricks-and-mortar business.

Claim your local listing:

Optimize your website for local searches by claiming your listing in local search directories such as Google Places, Yahoo and Bing Local and at Yelp. Local listings ordinarily appear above organic search results and can provide important information about your business when potential customers click on your local listing.

Activate your social media properties:

by engaging with local customers online, inviting feedback and adding social media buttons in your website and emails. Grow your fan and follower list by displaying the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account names in offline marketing materials.

Finally, publish some local reviews on your website, local search listings and social media accounts which can serve as guides to potential clients.

Be prepared for local search marketing strategies for businesses in the Stonnington area to develop over time, to deliver results which can be measured and analysed regularly.

As online marketing specialists, we are well equipped to create the right strategy – and implement it for you as well.