Stonnington Small Business Online Marketing Strategy: Beginner’s Guide

Internet users often start a buying process by searching for products and services that they need on Google, or other search engines. People looking for a local provider are then likely to visit, and make a purchase from, the bricks and mortar establishments that appear in the top search results.


Many business owners may possibly know this already; however, the common challenge lies in understanding what steps they need to get their business ranking well – many mistakenly believe it to be ‘luck’ and others ‘expensive’.

Retail and hospitality businesses, and those who provide services to them, are the major economic drivers in this area.

Developing a targetted [Stonnington] small business online marketing strategy can boost sales and profits, helping them to get ahead of their competition.

Basic steps for Stonnington small business online marketing strategy

  • Set your goals: Whether it’s to gain online awareness, drive more traffic to your website or offline establishment, or growing an email list for newsletters, clearly defining your online marketing objectives is an important first step. Your goals will determine your strategy.
  • Define your target customers: Learn everything there is to know about your market — their needs, desires, motivations, problems, gender, age range, and where they may be found.
  • Observe the competition: Pick a successful competitor – local, national or international, and observe the marketing techniques they use. Without duplicating the competition, improve on their strategies, avoiding their obvious mistakes and highlighting your unique advantages over them.
  • Create a strategy: Online marketing covers a wide range of techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), paid search and ads, social media, email, and video marketing and others. If you attempt to do this yourself, choose 1 or 2 techniques that suit your budget and which can communicate your marketing message clearly to your audience. More importantly, the strategy you adopt must be a plan that you are able to maintain because Internet marketing requires constant input.
  • Track results: The advanced technology surrounding online marketing also allows marketers and business owners to measure results of marketing strategies, identifying which steps work and which don’t. Analytic tools for tracking results help you focus on successful marketing activities and modify or eliminate ineffective techniques.

Internet marketing is less expensive than offline marketing yet it can yield immediate results by reaching your potential customers quickly.

Millions of businesses worldwide have gone online to promote their offline establishments and are increasing their marketing activities online after experiencing the clear benefits of their marketing activities. Taking your business online involves a number steps from creating an online presence and adding content through to tracking results.

You don’t have to learn all about online marketing to implement your Stonnington small business online marketing strategy. We have specialists with years of experience and advanced tools that can help you get started and manage the maintenance and tweaking of your online content on your behalf.

To discuss how easy it is to create a solid online presence for your business contact Scott.


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