The Building Blocks of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

There was a time when all you needed to create an online presence for your business was to create and launch a website. Today, online marketers are utilizing a wide variety of tools, reflecting both technological advances and the impact of these on consumer behaviors.

But whatever tools you use to promote your company and its suite of products or services, your online marketing strategy should be anchored on three important building blocks. Investing in these will ensure that your business can weather any changes that may occur in the online marketing game and allow it to easily adapt.

What Are The Three Building Blocks?

Search Engine Optimization

When people discuss online marketing, they often associate it with search engine optimization or SEO. In SEO, the primary goal is to ensure that a business’s website performs well in search engine results pages. The rationale behind this is that most searches rarely venture beyond the first page of results from search engines.

A solid SEO strategy will include a few components. These include selecting relevant keywords, publishing and sharing relevant content, website optimization, and backlinks from websites with authority.

Content Marketing

Apart from blog posts, today’s marketers use videos, podcasts and infographics to build and promote a brand and to establish its authority.

One of the key mistakes to avoid in content marketing is to simply churn out material which does not provide any value to customers. That includes content with several grammatical and spelling errors and content that has been poorly researched.
Another common mistake to avoid here is guest blogging using poor content for posting on sketchy websites for the sake of backlinks.

Social Media

In social media marketing, the goal is not to simply amass a large number of followers. That may be a worthwhile goal to pursue, but you can leverage your large following in order to tie together your SEO and content marketing strategies together.
One key advantage of social media marketing is that content is easily shared. Furthermore, shared content has a higher likelihood of being read and shared.

But apart from being a platform to share content, social media can also be used to speak and engage with your community. This will allow you to address legitimate concerns and improve your products or services further.

There will be new tools and strategies for online marketing that may come out. However, no online marketing strategy can provide its promised results if these three key areas are neglected.