The Building Blocks of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

There was a time when all you needed to create an online presence for your business was to create and launch a website. Today, online marketers are utilizing a wide variety of tools, reflecting both technological advances and the impact of these on consumer behaviors.But whatever tools you use to promote your company and its suite of products or services, your online marketing strategy should be anchored on three … [Read more...]

6 Powerful Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

A Small Business Can Do Big Things A small business is not limited by a board of directors. It’s not distracted either by multiple things, like market dominance, new competitors, and significant risks in an international market. It just has to focus on development and growth. It can even generate more results than any big brand — with the right strategies. Because word-of-mouth might not be enough, here are just … [Read more...]

Fuel Growth With New Generation Small Business Online Marketing Strategies

The world of business is an incredibly rapidly-changing environment. The level of dynamism in business has become even more intense with the advent of the online marketplace. Businesses are built in the blink of an eye. Fortunes are created, empires crash at such a staggeringly fast rate. The race does not only include entire markets or industries – the competition is now on a global scale. These developments may … [Read more...]

How to Leverage Your RSS Feed With A Twist

Just about everybody who has a blog or website in general has probably heard about website RSS Feed. And just in case you don't know what it is don't worry. RSS feed stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is a way of delivering or syndicating your site content to your subscribers. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) are surely one of the best ways to get your content delivered to your subscribers with 100% … [Read more...]

Aspects of Small Business Marketing for Dentists

Smart, and not necessarily expensive, marketing strategies are important for small businesses to survive difficult economic times. Those that provide a range of specialty services, like dentists, can grow their client base and business by creating an online presence that combines friendliness with authority. Small business marketing for dentists follows proven marketing principles, some of which are: Start from … [Read more...]

5 Types of Content Marketing That Engage and Hook People

Content marketing is a powerful way to sell, provided you know how to properly wield it. Engage potential customers with blog entries and web content that illuminate, inform, and enthrall. Identifying content that readers crave can help you expertly tailor your content marketing campaign to drive sales and pull visitors to return to your site. John Jantsch, marketing consultant and author of “[simpleazon-link … [Read more...]