The Building Blocks of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

There was a time when all you needed to create an online presence for your business was to create and launch a website. Today, online marketers are utilizing a wide variety of tools, reflecting both technological advances and the impact of these on consumer behaviors.But whatever tools you use to promote your company and its suite of products or services, your online marketing strategy should be anchored on three … [Read more...]

Simple Questions That Can Spark Brilliant Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Take a cue from the biggest and youngest brands today that started small and see how they used ground-breaking campaigns to build their business. They used vastly different ways to attain success, but they had at least one very critical thing in common: They veered away from the traditional ways of marketing, and instead, they used search engine optimization. They implemented split testing for their products. … [Read more...]

The Essentials For Building A Powerful Online Marketing Strategy For Small Business

As today’s business marketplace continues to evolve, so is the traditional definition of business concepts being constantly challenged. One of the biggest changes you can see today is how business leaders are defining 'marketing'. The conventional platforms – print, radio and television advertisements, celebrity endorsements, big brand partnerships, event campaigns – are slowly losing their influence. They are … [Read more...]

Online Marketing Solutions – Using Different Types Of Content For SEO

Online marketing is all the rage these days – it effectively targets brand awareness goals and turns traffic into profitable conversions. There are so many online marketing solutions available these days but what remains to be the most effective is search engine optimization or SEO. For Internet-based businesses, it’s crucial that their presence is easy to find in the most commonly used search engines, preferably on … [Read more...]