The Internet and Small Business Marketing for Lawyers

small-business-marketing-for-lawyersThe practice of law may not be considered an ‘online business’ but these days lawyers do need an effective and ethical method of growing their client base online. It is where their potential clients are looking for them.

Legal professional fees are the lifeblood of solo practitioners and small law firms.

Lawyers need to invest in the marketing of their services online in subtle ways – such as content marketing, website optimization, blogging – and by using other targeted methods of small business marketing for lawyers.

Content Marketing

Trust and confidence are key factors for engaging a solicitor or barrister, and potential clients often conduct online research on specific legal issues before approaching a lawyer about their problems.

Articles that provide clear solutions and demonstrate a lawyer’s clear grasp of the law can draw attention to their authors and help build a reputation as an expert in a particular field of law.

Other types of content that a lawyer can use to improve their online presence include graphic design, videos and podcasts.

Without engaging in a hard-sell of the legal practice, content that provides useful information or which helps readers to solve their problems, can indirectly promote the practice.

You can create a series of legal articles or videos and upload them to your law firm website. Add sharing buttons that allow readers to share the link with other people via social media networks. Drip feed your website with original and informative articles at least once a week in order to capture and hold the attention of site visitors.

By providing worthwhile and relevant information in your articles, trust, authority and, ultimately loyalty, are established.

Search Engine Optimization

Overt promotion of the legal practice may be unethical in certain jurisdictions and shunned by the average internet consumer who is looking for reliable legal advice. Web content must therefore be written or developed with subtle and responsible search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, if searchers to find and engage with your law firm’s website. Content marketing implemented correctly can have a direct impact on SEO, particularly through the use of carefully researched keywords.

By now, legal professionals recognise the immense power of small business marketing for lawyers but many hesitate to invest in internet marketing strategies, often due to lack of knowledge and time.

Fortunately, here at we now offer regular content creation and SEO services to professionals who don’t have the time to learn and perform regular content marketing and SEO.

We are on hand to discuss how we can help you market your law firm online, and invite you to contact us here……