Three Easy Ways To Do Local Online Advertising

Your business depends on you to drive new customers and maintain loyal ones.

If in the past you’ve relied merely on print advertising, be it on newspapers or the Yellow Pages, and maybe the occasional radio ad to promote a new product or service, you’ll find that it’s a whole different ballgame these days when it comes to marketing. And here’s the best part about it: It might even be more cost-effective than traditional advertising in your local paper.


When you’re operating a small and local business, you’d probably want everyone in your neck of the woods to know about your store or company.

The most cost-effective way to do that today would be to put up a website, start a blog, or maintain a social media page.

Aside from establishing your Web presence through those sources, you can also implement local online advertising.

Here are three easy ways to ensure that your advertising campaigns get the results your business needs.

1. Get the relevant data you need before creating an advertising plan.
Consumers search, shop, and even pay differently.

For instance, a single woman living in the city and looking for a salon might use her mobile phone to locate nearby salons while a mum in the suburbs checking her social media page on her desktop might stumble on a salon pop up ad.

They’ll use different search engines and different words to research a product, service, or company. They will even use different devices. These are data you need to know before implementing your advertising plan.

Because when you know your consumer segment’s behavior, you’ll be able to produce and place ads in a targeted way. Online ads that are placed on sites not frequented by your market are likely to fail in directing traffic to your website and, consequently, patronage to your business.

2. Use offline and online advertising.
Just because the Internet has become the go-to source for practically everything, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your shop or office to promote your business.

You can place LED screens in your office to direct clients to an online promo or you can use digital billboards to drive more traffic to your social media pages. Combining both sources will allow you to maximize your business’s reach and recall.

3. Use the right keywords on ads and make sure your website is in proper working order.
Your online ad will compete for attention with other online ads. So they have to be designed and written in the most compelling way that your target consumer clicks it. Once they click it, you need to make sure they will be directed to the right page and not be overwhelmed by the process.

No matter what you’re promoting or selling, you need to make it easy for them to convert from being a mere visitor to your website to an actual buyer of your product or services.