Three Killer Digital Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business


You know doing business these days has truly, radically changed when an e-commerce brand starts developing drones as a viable option for delivering purchased products.

That potential sci-fi movie material doesn’t just indicate that the e-commerce brand has got its pulse on technology and is taking full advantage of it. But it also managed to get virtually every media outlet talking and created one of the most viral videos on the Web. This could be the best brand exposure — online and offline.

So can your business create the same sort of buzz?

Whether you’re a business that has its roots offline or a company operating purely online, having a solid digital marketing strategy can get you to where you need to be: ahead of your competitors and at the top of consumer’s mind.

Here are three killer marketing tips for the digital landscape to get you started.

1. Ensure success with every online marketing campaign by getting seriously good data.
Analytics is a critical factor in determining the success of any marketing campaign, whether it’s content marketing or online marketing.

Strong data analysis will tell you what works, what will keep working, and what hasn’t worked for your business. You’ll not only be able to come up with targeted campaigns but also manage them successfully.

Using analytics allows you a better perspective on your brand’s Web performance. Is your website generating enough conversions? Did your social media campaign entice new customers and enhance brand loyalty? Should you invest in creating unique content for mobile users?

With the right data and accurate analysis, you’ll be able to make decisions that drive growth and lucrative investments for your business.

2. Shift from persuasion to conversation by using new technology.
In today’s marketing environment, a business cannot survive without creating two-way communication with its consumers.

So your brand has to offer profoundly new or engaging experiences with consumers as opposed to merely telling them why your products or services are better than the competition. And you can do this by exploring new technology, such as cognitive systems and gadgets designed to connect with your website and/or your consumer’s social media accounts, and what these can do for deploying your marketing campaigns.

3. Take control of your online content — and think big.
This may require a bigger budget than other strategies for marketing in the digital landscape but if Red Bull’s Media House and Netflix’s “House of Cards” are any indication, it will be an explosive and possibly lucrative trend in the near future.

Why be limited to creating original content for your website or distributing content for your video marketing campaigns on video sharing sites?

Explore the possibility of producing your own Web series or creating and publishing content on your own media platform and market and appeal to an entirely new consumer segment.