The Top 3 SEO Trends to Know in 2013

SEO may feel like an always moving target. That’s because it is. And boy did we see that target move in 2012. 

top-seo-trends-2013With stricter standards and ever changing algorithms, Google is making SEO more competitive than ever.

Now that 2012 is history and the new year is, well, not so new (unless you celebrate the Chinese New Year), its the perfect time to look back, review and see what lessons we can carry through to dominate the [simpleazon-link asin=”0470902590″ locale=”us”]SEO marketing[/simpleazon-link] game in 2013.


Get a Content Development Strategy

Google’s release of Panda sent the message loud and clear that they would no longer give weight to keyword stuffed articles that lacked real relevancy and content for readers. Google is now weighing content by length (the longer the better), social sharing, commenting and human action.

Simply put, if real people interact with your content, you will be ranked higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages). In 2013 your strategy has to be based around quality content and organic results.

Gone are the days when a new black hat trick lets you shoot up in the ranks. The future of SEO revolves around long term relevancy, interacting with real people and high quality content.


Get Social

[simpleazon-image align=”right” asin=”1451686579″ locale=”us” height=”400″ src=”” width=”265″] If you noticed an increase in social media posts that were making their way onto the first page of the SERPs, you weren’t alone. The increased weight that Google placed on social media in 2012, will also carry through strongly in 2013.

More and more social media content is showing up on the first page of results. Whether it be YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ having a well-rounded social media presence and getting other socialites to engage with your posts will help your SEO ranking.

While some may look at the weight of social media sites and other secondary content creation platforms as a hindrance, others will see opportunity. By targeting the content resources that Google is now ranking higher, you will be able to position yourself to show in the results pages more frequently and in a higher position.

So, add being social to your 2013 daily routine.


Earn Your Backlinks

Backlinks are no longer harvested, they’re earned. The thing that high quality content creation and social media posts have in common is that they will be essential for getting those ever coveted backlinks.

Google can tell the difference between harvested backlinks and real backlinks through social sharing and other people spreading your content around the web. Again, real people have to be engaged in order to get ranked higher in the results pages. This theme of interacting with your readers will be reoccurring throughout this new model for SEO in the post Panda world we live in today.

Engage your readers and spur them to share! [Hint] Sometimes just placing your share buttons more prominently on your posts can make a difference. Do some cross testing and see what brings the best results.

By focusing on relevancy, organic searches and quality content offerings, you’ll be able to adapt to the stricter standards that have been implemented in 2012 and thrive throughout 2013.