The Top Three Online Marketing Services You Should Get Today

online marketing services

Out with the outbound, in with the inbound [marketing] — this, according to a recent Forbes feature on online marketing trends, is the key concept every business needs to seriously consider implementing.

The business magazine goes on to note that more and more companies are gaining success by publishing original content, as opposed to embedding ads with external content.

But aside from maximizing your opportunities through content marketing, what other marketing strategies should you be using today?

Here are just three of the most notable online marketing services your business should be leveraging.

1. SEO Optimization

It’s an undeniable part — no, an intrinsic part of your online marketing arsenal. Search engine optimization improves your website’s visibility on the Web, and done correctly, increases traffic, and with the help of website optimization (i.e. modifying architecture and optimizing content), empowers you to convert traffic into actual sales.

SEO optimization can take on different methods but the prevailing goal here is to get your business’s website and your brand on page one of every search engine results page.

An online marketing service provider will know what keywords work best for your brand, your industry, and your market. You’ll also get effective (white hat, mind you) strategies for targeting the three most important platforms for SEO: links, social media, and content.

2. Mobile Marketing

Almost everyone on the planet probably owns one or two mobile devices. Advanced yet affordable smartphones and tablets, and the creation of convenient apps have also encouraged user growth in the mobile market. With Web research indicating the shift of many consumers from desktop searches to mobile transactions, your website will be left out in the cold without some solid mobile marketing today.

This may include redesigning unique content for your mobile users, including introducing exclusive offers, ensuring a responsive design for your website, and offering new mobile-specific services.

By getting professional mobile marketing from a reputable digital marketing agency, you secure a new revenue stream for your business and even gain access to an entirely new market segment.

3. Press Releases

Tell your company’s story online, enhance your brand. Distributing press releases may sound like an old method, but it is an approach that has worked for many businesses for many, many years. So why fight its results?

Through expertly written press releases that are distributed to highly targeted online sources, you’ll be able to control your business’s image, deal with any (or even eliminate) criticism proactively, and protect (and even increase) your revenue.