Why Small Business Marketing For Health Food Restaurants Is Heading Online

small-business-marketing-for-health-food-restaurantsThe food business is an industry that has been slow to get online.

Being bricks and mortar businesses, many restaurant owners and managers believe outbound marketing techniques, like advertising in the newspaper or on television and radio, is a more effective way to get the word out about their establishment.

But if you’re looking for better quality marketing for your money, then the potential of online small business marketing for health food restaurants has to be considered.

Proof is in the sales

Restaurant owners and operators are thrilled with the amount of success that they get with online marketing. In a recent LivingSocial study, 90% of restaurant operators in the United States believed that websites were an effective way to draw in more customers (LivingSocial, 2012).

But websites weren’t the only piece of the inbound marketing puzzle that proved to be successful:

•    84% of operators found social media to be an effective way to attract new customers
•    82% found emails to be a great way to bring in new customers
•    77% believed daily deals (like those on LivingSocial and Groupon) helped bring in clientele, with 95% of the operators finding savings to be an effective marketing method

Inbound Marketing Methods Work

Though the above study may be American-based, recent stats show that upwards of 90% of all diners in Australia will head online to investigate and research the restaurant they’re before making a reservation. This is what makes online small business marketing for health food restaurants incredibly important, particularly in challenging economic times when many restaurant operators are feeling the pinch.

If you’re looking to drum up some more business, here are some online marketing strategies that you can begin to implement today so that you’ll have more customers sitting in your seats tomorrow:

  • Use Geo-Targeting

Get the word out about your business by encouraging your diners to use free tools like Google Places and Foursquare to advertise that they’re at your restaurant. These services allow restaurants to include things like special promos or discounts to anyone who “geo-targets” their business, so maybe offer your diners a 20% off their next meal if they put you up on Foursquare.

  • Encourage Positive Reviews

Anyone who may be unfamiliar with your restaurant will certainly be looking up reviews online. Why not encourage your diners to leave positive reviews on third party review sites like Urbanspoon and Google Places? Again, even a small incentive is often all it takes to get that great review submitted.

  • Go Mobile

More and more people are using their phones to find out information about local businesses like your restaurant. Make sure that your restaurant has a mobile-friendly website that’s easy to browse and that presents key information that you know your diners will want to know (i.e. menus, pricing, daily specials).